“Makor – Musical creation development in the community” is engaged in the advancement of youth at risk through music, offering an equal opportunity in a field that is normally out of their reach.

Founded by Ronen Heruti, founder and director for Muzik, a higher education institute of music creation and production, the association has been in operation since 2009.

Derived from the profound recognition of the power of music to generate a deep and real change, the association’s vision is to provide and broaden musical involvement and creation among at-risk youth.


We believe that in our way of educating, musical activity can help in building a healthy and harmonious society that is beneficial to all.

Tsipi Gilad 
CEO of Makor

A creative musician and playwright engaged in non-formal education for youth at risk for the last twenty years. Initiated and implemented social projects for youth at boarding schools, for the Ministry of Education Of Israel. Graduate of the the Muzik School for Creation And Production's Community Music Program. Supervises and teaches Creative Writing Workshops for youth, and oversees and manages Makor Association's Projects and Activities.

Ran Shimoni
director of the Children of Music project

Initiator, founder and director of the Jaffa Children of Music project. A lauded and respected drummer and musician in the Israeli Music Community, Ran initiated the fully-voluntary project in 2012, based on his belief that all Israelies responsible for each other, and the desire to offer youth equal opportunities in music. 

Members of the Association’s Committees:
Rut Sar-Shalom
Chairman of Makor

Ruth lived in Jaffa for 18 years and was involved in various social projects in the neighborhood, all Pro Bono work.  Ruth is a lawyer, consultant and director for twenty five years, in spacial planning and construction-related fields, focusing on inclusionary and affordable housing. Holder of three law degrees. Graduate of the Technion’s Mediation Program she also acted as a mediator in diverse conflicts.

Amit Hecht
Board of Directors

Filmmaker and musician; Studied Film and English Literature at Brooklyn College, New York.

In the music field, he has worked as a lecturer on popular music and as academic director at Muzik, as well as a music consultant for TV series and films. Currently teaches Soundtrack for Film And Television at The Open University School Of Communications "Hasifa" completes his  Master’s degree in Creative Writing at the Ben Gurion University.

Omri Dolev
Board of Directors

Radical and independent thinker. Entrepreneur with massive hands-on building experience. Marketing and growth leader. Music industry professional.
Leading digital ventures , Social growth, community building and niche domination, Strategic planning and business development.
Presently leading corporate business development and digital media at Lev Group Media (Warner Music - Israel) which he co-founded. Managing director at Glide Bros - a global leader is electronic music asset building and monetization.
Also: Co-founder of YonYon - a digital boutique focusing on turn key digital consulting - focused on broadcast media.

Ronen Heruti
Board of Directors

Attorney, legal mediator and DJ. Founder and former director of Muzik, a higher education institute of music creation and production.  Initiated and found Makor in order to provide equal opportunities for education and employment in music and to support and promote local creativity. Currently works as a legal mediator in the business-sector and as Mediation Coordinator at Gevim Group.

Dr. Rivka Hillel-Lavian
Board of Directors

Dr Rivka Hillel Lavian, researcher, senior lecturer and head of M.Ed. Special Education Program at the Levinsky College of Education. Lecturer in Phototherapy and Videotherapy at the School of Social Work, Tel Aviv University. Leader of Interest Group of Researchers in visual qualitative research at the Mofet Institute. Head of the Ethics Committee at the Levinsky College of Education. Volunteer and volunteer coordinator in Photovoice at the International Photography Festival.

Gil Klopmann
Audit Committee

Attorney, businessman, and amateur drummer. Initiator, investor and founder of Drum Base school of music in Tel Aviv. Managed various investment companies and was involved in overseas real-estate investments and as a consultant for overseas commercial bodies.

Gil helps Ran with the Children project, with managing contacts and overseeing contracts, as well as fundraising and raising the necessary resources.

Shira Aviad
Audit Committee

Independent book editor. Privately and for book expenses.  edited the scientific journal Odyssey, Maariv and Yedioth Ahronoth.Volunteer among other things for the Lasova organization and the Saleet program - helping women in prostitution.

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