Essence and vision

Derived from the profound recognition of the power of music to generate a deep and real change, the association’s vision is to provide and broaden musical involvement and creation among at-risk youth. We believe that in our way of educating, musical activity can help in building a healthy and harmonious society that is beneficial to all.

Makor establishes and operates music centers which focus on at-risk youth, thereby providing the participants in its programmes a possibility for self-expression, fulfillment and active participation in community life. To adolescents growing up in distressed environments, music offers a positive and meaningful anchor, contributing to both individual empowerment and communal connection and belonging. All of our staff are musicians who are strongly connected to the values of giving, education and guidance, and who aspire to share and spread their knowledge and skills.

As a direct, unmediated art form, music enables expression, an emotional outlet, and human connection. It connects humans, channeling feelings of anger and alienation, helps to shape our identity and ease our pain. Through music, we can learn about ourselves and our environment, tap into our inner creativity and strengthen our ability to express it, in preparation for an active and positive engagement in life.

At Makor, we harness the immense power and attraction of music to give each and every adolescent an opportunity for expression, self-realisation, and active participation in community life.

 "Train a lad in the way he ought to go He will not swerve from it even in old age."

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