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For Equal Opportunity in Music
Essence & VISION

As a direct, unmediated art form, music enables expression, an emotional outlet, and human connection. It connects humans, channeling feelings of anger and alienation, helps to shape our identity and ease our pain.



Makor’s approach holds that everyone has musicality and creative ability. As this creativity develops, a person is able to experience and develop capabilities of thought and expression, and close and empowering interpersonal relationships.



Makor operates about ten projects throughout the country, but not all operate in the full and comprehensive format of the action model. The projects on this page are those that operate according to the full vision



Makor Association has been engaged since 2009 in the advancement of youth at risk through music. The association establishes and operates music centers in foci of at-risk youth, providing an ongoing musical activity through which youth learn music in its various shades and forms, in a meaningful way and for the long term. In addition, the association carries out music education projects by National Service recruits, musical Perach (tutorial pairing project), and diverse music courses in Youth Advancement units, youth wings of psychiatric hospitals, and within the community.

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