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Jaffa’s Children of Music Project

תכלת - לוגו ילדי המוסיקה של יפו.png

The Jaffa’s Children of Music project was founded by Ran Shimoni, a lauded drummer and valued musician in the Israeli music industry.

The project began in 2012, aiming to help children from weak socio-economic populations through offering opportunities in music.

The goal of the project is to locate children with talent and passion for music, who cannot afford professional music lessons; and who, without proper guidance, are at risk of exposure to negative temptations and dangers. Through music, these children can be directed to a new path and acquire mental tools that will be at their disposal regardless of the path they choose eventually.

Participating children arrive from the diverse population groups in Jaffa – Jews, Arabs, new Olim/immigrants from the Ethiopian community, as well as the children of foreign migrant workers residing in the city.

Among other things, the project is unique thanks to the broad support Ran enjoys from the Israeli music industry, enabling him to enlist Israel’s leading performing artists, including Yehudit Ravitz, Asaf Amdursky, Yermi Kaplan, Shai Tsabari, Erez Lev Ari, Django, and others. Some are employed as regular teachers at the center.

Short music clips from youth performances
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